The former Yankee Fraser failed to perform well in the Cubs and Rangers after leaving the Yankees.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Former Yankee outfielder Clint Frazier signed a minor league contract with the Rangers this year with a spring training invitation, but he was DFA by the Rangers a few days ago and was officially released today .

The 28-year-old Fraser played 15 games for the Rangers in 3A this season, with a batting rate of 250. He hit 1 home and 4 RBIs. However, the Rangers still released him after DFA. The team pointed out that this was an agreement between the two sides. consensus.

Last year, Fraser played 19 games with the Cubs, batting only . was released.

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Fraser was selected by the Guardians in the first round in 2013, and was subsequently sent to the Yankees due to the Andrew Miller trade case. He was selected as one of the top 100 rookies for four times and performed poorly in the major leagues. 29 bombs, hit measurements .238/.329/.427, OPS+ is slightly higher than the league average of 104.

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