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Shohei Ohtani steals second base against the A's at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Ohtani is scheduled to pitch on Thursday.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The Angels defeated the Athletics 5:3 today. Two-time star Shohei Otani showed super destructive power between bases, stealing bases twice in a single inning, setting a record for the first time in 723 days.

The Athletics had an offensive in the first half of the first inning. Jace Peterson swept a timely triple hit to help the team score a point first, but the Angels counterattacked quickly, and immediately returned the color with one hit. Zuli ( Brandon Drury hit a triple hit with 2 outs, 110.1 mph and a one-run lead, followed by Luis Rengifo and Gio Urshela hitting An Jiangong one after another , the Angels scored 4 points.

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Otani succeeded in stealing bases twice in a single inning.

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The 5th athlete relied on Shea Langeliers to hit the spring gun to recover 1 point, 5th Shohei Otani knocked out a ground ball to hit the base, and then showed a quick leg to steal the second base, followed by Anthony Rendon After being selected for a walk, the Angels launched a double-stealing tactic, and Otani successfully stole third base. Japanese media pointed out that since May 2, 2021, U.S. time, Otani has successfully stolen two bases in a single game in 723 days. Unfortunately, The Angels didn't score in this half.

The Athletics went on the offensive again on 6, relying on J. Diaz (Jordan Diaz)'s timely double hit and made another victory, chasing 3:4 behind, but the Angels are not easy to fuel, 6 under Ward (Taylor Ward) made a contribution when there was someone in the scoring circle, knocked out 1 RBI and hit in time to help the team add insurance points, and the Angels won 5:3 in the end.

Shohei Ohtani scored 4 at-bats and scored 0 goals today. He suffered 2 strikeouts and his post-game batting average was 253. However, he ran 2 times and succeeded in stealing bases. He has accumulated 3 steals this season.

Otani succeeded in stealing bases twice in a single inning.

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