Jadeja's disclosure

Ravindra Jadeja MS Dhoni:

Once again Ravindra Jadeja has talked about the contribution of Dhoni in his career and said that Dhoni has been instrumental in making my career big.

Talking with Star Sports, Jadeja talked about Dhoni's impact on his career.

Jadeja said that two persons named 'Mahendra Singh' have played an important role in his career.

The name of his childhood coach earlier was Mahendra Singh Chauhan.

Jadeja said that since he was 8 years old, he used to play under-19 cricket for Jamnagar.

During that time his coach Mahendra Singh had a lot of influence on him, then when he came to Team India, Mahi Bhai played an important role in grooming his career.

Please tell that at this time Jadeja is playing for CSK (Jadeja IPL CSK) in IPL.

Here too Dhoni is their captain. 

Taking his point further, Jadeja said, 'I have also told Mahi Bhai that my cricket journey has been between 'Mahendra Singh Chauhan' and 'Mahendra Singh Dhoni'.

From there my cricket journey started.. I started in Jamnagar in 1996 at the age of eight.. Even now I sometimes go to meet sir in that ground, practice is not possible because there are around 300 to 400 players. If there are children, it becomes very crowded.

Ravindra Jadeja further said, 'When I started, I wanted to become a fast bowler.. I used to think that I would be able to do it after seeing fast bowlers throwing bouncers but I did not have the speed.. My coach Mahendra Singh Chauhan Told me you are not tall enough or fast enough so don't be under any illusion.

At that time I thought, yes I do not have the height that a fast bowler should have.

Then I started bowling left arm spin.

In his conversation, Jadeja also shared how he mastered spin bowling.

Talking about this, the all-rounder said, 'At one time you are not able to bat much because the turf wicket is not good but on the other hand when the ball hits some rough and takes a lot of turn.

Seeing this, your interest in spin bowling increases.

If you see that the batsman is getting out from the spin bowling, seeing this your desire increases.

That's why I had a growing desire to become a spin bowler.

So I thought I will just stand with the ball in my hand and when the wicket is ready, I will bowl.

Please tell that Jadeja was also given the captaincy of CSK in the last season of IPL but Jadeja was not successful in that.

Jadeja had to give up his captaincy in the middle of the tournament.

Later Dhoni was again made the captain of the team. 

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