Three straight homers for the @Angels!

Taylor Ward, @MikeTrout, and Shohei Ohtani take the Sunday stroll back-to-back-to-back.

— MLB (@MLB) April 23, 2023

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Angels Japanese star Shohei Otani and teammates Taylor Ward and Mike Trout staged "back-to-back" today, helping the Angels beat the Royals 4-3.

The Angels' record came to 11 wins and 11 losses, returning to a 50% winning percentage.

The Royals scored a point in the first game with MJ Melendez's brilliance, and in the second half, Shohei Otani sacrificed himself to tie the game.

In the 6th inning, Royal Pasquantino (Vinnie Pasquantino) swung the lead, and the Angels fell behind 1-2.

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Otani Shohei fired.


The Angels showed their strength in the next 6 rounds. Ward, Trout, and Otani Shohei staged "back to back" and hit three positive bullets in a row to help the Angels lead the score 4-2.

Shohei Otani hit the ball with a muzzle velocity of 107.3 miles and a flight distance of 415 feet (about 126.4 meters), the longest shot in the game.

Although the Royals recovered 1 point by Bobby Witt Jr.'s spring gun in the 7th inning, the Angels bullpen left-hander Matt Moore and Carlos Estevez each lost 1 inning without scoring , hold on to victory.

In total, Otani Shohei served as the third designated hitter in this campaign, with 3 hits and 2 hits, including 1 home run. The No. 5 home run of the season came out, scoring 2 RBIs and 1 strikeout. 2 into 66.

Otani Shohei fired.


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