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In the first round of the NBA playoffs, the Bucks and the Heat each won one game in the first two games. The third game will come to the Heat's home court. Who can take away the victory?

The Lakers led by "LeBron James" returned home to face the Grizzlies. Both sides also won the first two games. Which team can win the third game?

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There are two major league games broadcast. The Red Sox continue to face the Brewers on the road today. Taiwanese player Zhang Yucheng has the opportunity to play. The Angels will face the Royals at home. Year-old Sai Young strongly voted for "Z Demon God" Zack Greinke, please lock in the rebroadcast,

Zhong Vocational College has two games today. CITIC Brothers played against Wei Quanlong at the Intercontinental Stadium at home. The brothers sent local pitcher Yu Qian to start, and Wei Quan sent foreign pitcher Breehan to start. The brothers lost 1 and 3 in the last 4 games , can you win the game today?

In another secondary vocational game, the last match between the Uni-President Lions and Lotte Taoyuan, the Lions sent Hu Zhi as the starter, and Taoyuan launched Huang Zipeng as the starter.

Taoyuan has lost 32 points in the last two games. Will it be able to recover today?

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07:00 Red Sox @ Brewers Huashi

09:00 Royal @ Angel Elda Sports 2


07:30 Bucks@热火威来体育

10:00 Grizzlies @ Lakers Weilai Sports, Elda Sports 1

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secondary vocational

14:05 Wei Quanlong@中信兄弟威来体育

14:05 Lotte Peach Ape@uniform lion ELEVENSPORTS1


14:00 Taichung Sun@中信特攻

Broadcast: ELTA Sports 2, ELEVEN SPORTS1


14:30 King @ Iron Man

17:00 Pilot Ape@Warriors

Broadcast: MOMOTV

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