Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Chennai Super Kings: This style of Dhoni's daughter Ziva is going viral

special things

  • Jeeva seen in the stadium after a long time

  • Wife Sakshi was also present against RCB

  • Chennai won by 8 runs

New Delhi:

During the matches of Chennai Super Kings in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL 2023), this time it is very rare that Mahi's wife Sakshi is seen in the audience, but on Monday, Sakshi and her seven-year-old daughter visited Bengaluru's M. Enjoyed the match played against RCB at Chinnaswamy Stadium.

Where S Dhoni (MS Dhoni) remained the attraction of the audience on the field, daughter Ziva (Dhoni daughter Ziva) won the hearts of the fans outside the field.

When this video of Jeeva came on social media, it got headlines as soon as it came.

All the fans got attracted to the cuteness of Dhoni's daughter.

It can be seen in the video that Jeeva is shouting papa..papa very loudly in the audience along with mother Sakshi and her friends.

On one hand, Dhoni was in tension in the match against RCB, while on the other hand, the daughter was continuously giving voice to papa..papa.

When Jeeva felt that her voice was not reaching her father,

Then she gets down from Sakshi's lap, comes a little further and again starts shouting papa-papa.

Someone made a video of this incident and posted it on social media.

And after this there was a flood of comments.

really cute

Missing Ms Dhoni's adorable

— ` (@kurkureter) April 17, 2023


— ‎Meeɴυ vιjαy ⁱ (@Meenuvijay05) April 18, 2023

This fan wants to see Ziva in every match

Main roj bolti hu yaar yeh kyu nhi aati

— Kanchan Sanap (@Kanchansanap06) April 17, 2023

Main roj bolti hu yaar yeh kyu nhi aati

— Kanchan Sanap (@Kanchansanap06) April 17, 2023

Don't know if papa heard the sound or not

How cute Ziva calling "PAPA" cheers for Ms Dhoni's

— srk_lover_vishal (@srk_lovervishal) April 17, 2023

They have given the name of cutie cupcakes..good..very good!

Such cuttiiee cupcakes

— ✯𝔻𝗻𝗶𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗮 (@Shralover) April 17, 2023

Lots of fans are spreading the emoji love

— Dan🇮🇳 (@CricCrazyDan) April 17, 2023

Never mind..when she grows up, she will know

When ur father is the greatest captain of all time and you don't know it yet

— pollypolly (@pollykhalu) April 17, 2023