[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Red Sox Taiwanese player Zhang Yucheng finally broke through the slump. Today's single game double safety included hitting the first home run of the season and scoring 4 RBIs, setting the record for the first player in major league history.

Before this campaign, Zhang Yucheng's batting performance was sluggish at the beginning of the season, with a total of 16 at-bats and no hits, falling into a big slump, but the team continued to give him opportunities. Today against the Angels, Zhang Yucheng scored 2 points ahead of the score with 4 hits. The first hit of this season was the first hit. Zhang Yucheng showed his strength again in 8 downs. He hit a key reversal hit when the bases were full, helping the team to turn the game around. The Red Sox won 9:7 in the final game. Zhang Yucheng became a hero with 2 key hits .

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Zhang Yucheng.

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Zhang Yucheng scored 2 hits in 4 hits, including 1 home, scored 4 RBIs, and swallowed 1 strikeout. After the game, his hitting measurements were .100/.182/.250.

"OptaSTATS" pointed out that since RBI officially became the official record in 1920, Zhang Yucheng became the first player in major league history to be able to take one breath in the next game when facing 15 0 or worse hits and no RBI. The player who scored 4 RBIs set a historical record.

Yu Chang of the @RedSox is the only MLB player to have a 4-RBI game after entering the contest 0-for-15 or worse with 0 RBI on the season (since RBI became an official stat in 1920).

— OptaSTATS (@OptaSTATS) April 16, 2023

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