Sandeep Sharma told how Dhoni was stopped

Sandeep Sharma IPL 2023: When CSK needed 21 runs in the last over in the match against Chennai Super Kings, Sandeep Sharma gave only 17 runs and Rajasthan won by 3 runs. Gave it

Not only this, Chennai needed only 7 runs on the last 3 balls and Dhoni-Jadeja (MS Dhoni-Jadeja) were at the crease.

But Sandeep bowled with the right line and length and eventually gave Rajasthan a 3-run win. 

Congratulations @msdhoni paji for the 200 IPL matches.

An honor to share the field and bowl to him.

Forever grateful.

— Sandeep sharma (@sandeep25a) April 12, 2023

After the match, Sandeep talked about his bowling and also told how he silenced Dhoni and gave victory to Rajasthan.

After the match, bowler Sandeep said, 'I was trying to keep my yorkers on the right length in front of Dhoni.

I bowled good yorkers in the nets.

I was trying to bowl a heels yorker to Mahi.

But was not being successful.

This was the reason that I changed the angle of my bowling and decided to bowl around the wicket.

This decision proved right for me.

I go around the wicket and throw the outside off for Mahi Bhai, this plan proved successful and the result came in our favor.

In the beginning, he could not keep the ball in the right place,

in the last over Sandeep was hit by Dhoni for 2 sixes.

On this Sandeep said that the leg side is not big here.

Initially, I could not keep my ball on the right line.

Due to which a low full-toss ball fell, on which Mahi Bhai hit two sixes.

Sandeep also said that, I am happy with the decision that the result has come on our side.

Sandeep Sharma was disappointed for not being bought in the auction

Tell that when Sandeep was not bought in the IPL auction, he was very disappointed.

Keeping his point on, Sandeep had said, "I am shocked and disappointed, I don't know why I remained unsold."

Whatever team I played for, I did well and in fact I felt that some team would bid for me.

To be honest, I was not expecting this.

Don't even know where is the mistake.

I am doing well in domestic cricket.

I took seven wickets in the last round of Ranji Trophy.

I did very well in Syed Mushtaq Ali.

I am unable to understand what has happened to me that no one has bought me.

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