IPL 2023 Sandeep Sharma MS Dhoni:

One of the best finishers in the world, Dhoni missed out on scoring 20 runs in the last over.

Actually, Rajasthan bowler Sandeep Sharma stopped Dhoni from scoring 7 runs in the last 3 balls. This was something that no one had expected.

Sandeep did not let his own emotional and pressure dominate him.

Sandeep proved himself by throwing 3 balls on the right line in front of a batsman like Dhoni.

Actually, the way Sandeep started the last over, it seemed that Mahi would score these 21 runs. 

what happened in the last over

Dhoni was in front of Sandeep Sharma.

Mahi's bark is such that any bowler comes under pressure.

Even so, Sadeep bowled the first ball such a wide that fans and cricket pundits were sure that Mahi was going to do something or the other in this over.

Wide on the first ball - 1 run

The pressure was such that the second ball was also wide – 1 run, now from here CSK needed 19 runs in 6 balls to win.

The expectations of the fans had increased.

Desperation was visible on Sandeep Sharma's face. 

Now there is no run on the legal first ball..

After this, Dhoni took the excitement of the match to its peak by hitting a six on the second ball.

From here CSK has now reached closer to victory.

Now CSK needed 13 runs off 4 balls. 

Dhoni's six on the third ball as well, the match was almost on the verge of ending.

Mahi had done her work.

Now CSCO needed 7 runs off 3 balls to win. 

Last over Dhoni Sixes #ipl#dhonipic.twitter.com/p8dqwRmtrH

— Vipul Singh (@nextgenclick) April 12, 2023

Sandeep changed the game from here.

When this happens to a bowler, it becomes difficult to find the right line and length.

But Sandeep showed the power of his bowling and showed confidence in himself and did what no one expected. 

1 run on the fourth ball

, Mahi was able to take only 1 run on the fourth ball and the strike went to Jadeja.

From here Sandeep had stopped the work of giving room to the batsman.

By bowling the accurate yorker full length, the batsman was not allowed to open his hand. 

Jadeja was able to make only one on

the fifth ball. Now 5 runs were needed in 1 ball.

From Dhoni in front..the whole stadium was resounding with the name of Mahi-Dhoni, it had become a big challenge for Sandeep to bowl on the right line.

But it is said that by believing in yourself, you can overcome every difficulty.

Something similar happened with Sandeep. 

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Yorker on the last ball, Mahi could score only 1 run. 

What an amazing ball, Sandeep bowled the right yorker, out of Dhoni's radar, Mahi could not hit the six, ran away and scored 1 run.

Well done Sandeep.

CSK fans got disappointed.

But it was a big deal for the Rajasthan camp.

Sandeep had saved 7 runs in the last 3 balls in front of Mahi.

For Sandeep Sharma, it was such a moment that he would remember for the rest of his life.

Rajasthan won this match by 3 runs.

At the last moment, Dhoni went to bowler Sandeep Sharma and shook hands with him and was also seen saying something.

Today match is very Crucial but #SandeepSharma yorker is good.

But if #MSDhoni𓃵 is on the crease then most dangerous batsman in world cricket.

Congratulations Dhoni as Captain #200IPLmatch

And Congratulations #RRvsCSK

But mahi maar rha hai#CSKvsRR#Dhoni#Thala#Jadeja#IPL2023pic.twitter.com/OLjg44y973

— Sharad Singh (@SharadSing92765) April 12, 2023

Sandeep was unsold in IPL auction

Sandeep was not bought by anyone in the IPL auction.

His base price was only 50 lakhs, but luck wanted to give Sandeep a chance.

In place of the injured famous Krishna, Rajasthan joined him and this bowler proved himself.

Immortalized his name in the history of IPL. 

Thrill in the last over 19.1 overs

- 1 Run (Wide) 

19.1 overs - 1 Run (Wide) 

19.1 overs - 0 Run (Dhoni) 

19.2 overs - 6 Runs (Dhoni) 

19.3 overs - 6 Runs (Dhoni) 

19.4 overs - 1 Run (Dhoni) Dhoni) 

19.5 overs - 1 Run (Jadeja) 

19.6 overs - 1 Run (Dhoni) Yorker ball

In the match, Rajasthan batted first and scored 175 runs for 8 wickets in 20 overs, after which CSK could only manage 172 runs for 6 wickets in 20 overs.

Ashwin took 3 wickets in the match and also played an inning of 30 runs off 22 balls.

Was awarded the title of player of the match. 

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