Zhang Yucheng shined in the classic game, but he has yet to hit 6 in the regular season.

(File photo, Associated Press)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The Boston media recently listed the career milestones that the Red Sox players may achieve this season, and also mentioned the record that Taiwanese player Zhang Yucheng is expected to set.

In the article, the Boston Herald not only analyzed the personal records expected to be created by Rafael Devers, Kiké Hernández, Kenley Jansen and others, but also mentioned Zhang Yucheng's career record.

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At the time of writing, Zhang Yucheng played 201 games, "Although there are only 201 games, it is already the third place in the history of Taiwan-born players. If it can reach 220 games, it will break the record of former Orioles and Marlins pitcher Chen Weiyin. "

Currently, the player with the most cumulative number of games played in major leagues in Taiwan is Chen Weiyin with 219 games, Guo Hongzhi is ranked second with 218 games, and Zhang Yucheng has accumulated 202 games as of today. This season has the opportunity to create a new record for Taiwan.

Zhang Yucheng has ranked first in Taiwan in many statistics in his major league career, including hits (104), home runs (14), doubles (22), triples (4), RBIs (61), and points (60). , Four bad (40).

Zhang Yucheng did not get a chance to play in today's battle with the Tigers. So far he has played 6 games and scored 4K with 6 strikes. The first safety of this season has not yet been released.

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