MS Dhoni's confidence won the hearts of fans

MS Dhoni viral video IPL:

Mumbai Indians (MI vs CSK IPL 2023) were defeated by Chennai Super Kings by 7 wickets in the 12th match of IPL 2023.

Rahane did wonders in this match and scored an inning of 61 runs in only 27 balls.

Rahane scored the fastest half-century of IPL 2023.

Rahane forced the fans to swing by hitting Pachasa in just 19 balls.

The 19-ball half-century by Rahane is the second fastest half-century in the IPL for CSK.

Earlier, Raina had scored a 16-ball half-century in IPL for CSK.

By the way, Ravindra Jadeja took an amazing catch in the match and was successful in taking 3 wickets.

This was the reason that he was awarded the title of Player of the Match. 

But the charisma of Dhoni (MS Dhoni) was also seen during the match.

Once again in the match, Dhoni dominated the 'Dhoni Review System' (DRS) and showed Suryakumar Yadav the way to the pavilion.

At the same time, what happened on the last ball of Mumbai's innings surprised the fans.

Actually, Hrithik Shokeen of Mumbai was playing the last ball of the innings.

Dwayne Pretorius bowled the last ball which was outside the line of off stump.

The bowler deliberately bowled the ball outside the off-stump so that the batsman could not hit a big shot on the last ball.

Hrithik missed playing this ball.

As soon as he missed playing the ball, he looked at the umpire and appealed to give the ball wide.

Umpire did not give wide.

After which batsman Hrithik took review for wide. 

#MSDhoni's confidence with reviews is just exceptional.

He moved as Shokeen was still for a review for a wide ball.


BTW Sky's dismissal was peak Dhoni!

— Chup Bey!

(@stud88282483) April 8, 2023

Actually, Dhoni was confident that even after taking the review of the batsman, this ball would not be wide.

At the same time, batsman Hrithik was surprised to see the CSK players going to the pavilion even before the decision came.

They kept raising their hands and Dhoni and Co. were seen going towards the pavilion on their own before the third umpire's decision came.

Seeing the CSK players going to the pavilion, Hrithik could not do anything, he also left the pavilion with the players.

— Hardik Swagat (@HardikSwag10143) April 8, 2023

Shokeen reviews wide, Thala walks off like a boss without waiting.

— Saurabh Malhotra (@MalhotraSaurabh) April 8, 2023

Shokeen reviewing wide.

Thala walks off..

— Anuj (@basEkpagal) April 8, 2023

Later, when the third umpire saw this ball on TV, the decision went in favor of CSK and this last ball was not wide.

This amazing confidence of Dhoni won the hearts of the fans and started reacting to it on social media.

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