Lin Yiquan.

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Good morning, Liberty Sports presents you with exciting event preview and broadcast!

Today there is a broadcast of a major league game, the Phillies vs. the Rangers. The Phillies, who entered the World Series last year, were bombarded by the Rangers in the first two games of the season and swallowed a 2-game losing streak. Falter) boarding can stop the loss, or last season's ace left-hander Martin Perez (Martin Perez) can help the team win 3 consecutive victories, fans and friends who love major leagues remember to watch!

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There are two games in the middle school part. The first game is between the CITIC Brothers and the Uni-President Lions. The Lions’ first opening game of the season was held in Tainan. Bangham will face Wei Quanlong in the opening game at home. Fans who love secondary vocational schools, remember to turn on the TV to watch!

There are two games in the NBA. The Lakers will face off against the Rockets, who have missed the playoffs, while the Warriors will face off against the leading Nuggets. The current NBA season is coming to an end, and every team is striving for a better seed ranking. Or a playoff spot, don't miss the event during this period!


07:00 Phillies @ Rangers ELEVENSPORTS1, Elda Sports 2


07:00 Lakers @ Rocket Weilai Sports

08:30 Warriors@金宝艾尔达体育1, 09:30 Weilai Sports (D-Live)


16:30 Taiwan Beer Bear @ CITIC Special Attack Xinzhuang Gymnasium

Broadcast: Weilai Sports, Elda Sports 2, ELEVENSPORTS1

secondary vocational

17:05 CITIC Brothers @uniform lion ELEVENSPORTS1, Elda Sports 1

17:05 Wei Quanlong@Fubon Titans MOMO TV, ELEVENSPORTS2, Elda Sports 2