Harden (left).

(Associated Press)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The Seven Sixers, the favorites to win the Eastern Conference, defeated the Raptors 117:110 at home today, ranking third in the Eastern Conference with a record of 51 wins and 26 losses. James Harden scored 23 points and 11 assists. But after the game came the bad news of the Achilles tendon injury.

In recent years, Harden has been wrestling with Achilles tendon injuries. After the game, Sixers coach Rivers (Doc Rivers) also expressed concern: "I am taking care of Harden's physical condition. I am always worried. Even during practice , and he won't be on the court a lot." But Harden simply said he was "in good shape" from the injury.

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The 76ers will next face the Bucks, the No. 1 Bucks in the Upper East, and the Celtics, No. 2. It remains to be seen whether Harden can stay healthy and show competitiveness against the two strong teams.

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