Huang Weijie.

(File photo, USA Today)

[Reporter Ni Wanjun/Comprehensive Report] The 29-year-old American pitcher Huang Weijie moved to the Pirates this year and was invited to participate in the major league spring training. 3A's official website changed his status to "Injured - Whole Season" yesterday, causing concern about whether he will be reimbursed for the whole season.

Huang Weijie's agency Zhan Yi confirmed today that he is injured, but the details must be clarified by the team.

Huang Weijie joined the Diamondbacks with a signing bonus of US$500,000 in 2014. After the highest level reached 2A, he was traded to the Rangers in the mid-season of 2018. He was promoted to the major leagues in April 2019, becoming the 15th Taiwan player to enter the major leagues. players.

It’s just that Huang Weijie only left a record of 4 games and 5.2 innings in the major leagues. After being released in 2020, he still did not give up working hard in the United States. He trained in the Dominican Winter League the year before last and signed with the Giants last year. The league contract was renewed at the end of the year, and was selected by the Pirates in the Rule 5 draft. This year, he entered the development of the fourth American professional team.

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In order to achieve results in the United States, Huang Weijie declined the invitation of the Taiwan team in the classic game at the end of last year. This year, he also appeared in the spring training warm-up game of the major leagues.

It’s just that after returning to the minor leagues in the middle of last month, it is reported that he will be reimbursed for the entire season due to injury. Zhan Yi pointed out that Huang Weijie is indeed injured, but the details must be handed over to the team for further clarification. “The team has their own ideas. After the inspection results come out, we will find an appropriate time to explain.”

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