Jaffo (middle) has a double shot in a single game.


[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The Phillies, who broke into the World Series last year and lost to the Astros, made a comeback this season. However, the pitchers in the opening season were beaten to nothing. Today, they lost to the Rangers again with 3:16, which also let the Tiaozi Corps Create a rare record.

The Rangers defeated the Philadelphians 11:7 in the opening game, and fought again a day later. The firepower was still unstoppable. The catcher Mitch Garver (Mitch Garver), whose performance was affected by injuries last year, scored a career-high 6 points in a single game. RBI, led the team to beat the Phillies.

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The Rangers started with 9 hits, and the pioneer Marcus Semien hit the first inning; Nathaniel Lowe and Adolis GarcĂ­a both scored 3 hits , the new classmate Nathan Eovaldi (Nathan Eovaldi) transferred to the team for the first time and scored 3 points in 5 innings, and won the first victory of the season with the help of his teammates.

The "Associated Press" pointed out that the Rangers scored 27 points in the first two games of the season, the second most since 1900, second only to the 30 points of the White Sox in 1951.

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