Fujinami Shintaro was shocked and educated when he made his debut in the major leagues.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Athletic Japanese pitcher Fujinami Shintaro was shocked and educated when he debuted in the major leagues. He only pitched 2.1 innings with 8 points and was knocked out by the Angels. Instead of blaming the performance of the junior soldiers, he praised Fujinami for his excellent performance in the first two rounds.

In the first 2 innings, Shintaro Fujinami ran 4K without losing points, but after walking the first hitter Luis Rengifo in the 3rd round, the turmoil was out of control. In the end, Shintaro Fujinami only pitched 2.1 innings and was KO'd, using 55 balls , the fastest ball speed is 99.6 miles (about 160 kilometers), knocked 5 hits, allowed 8 points, 4 strikeouts, 3 walks, swallowed a losing shot at the beginning of his career, and his defense rate after the game was as high as 30.86.

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According to the Japanese media "Daily Sports", the head coach of the Athletic, Kasai, still affirmed Fujinami's performance after the game, "The performance in the first two innings was very good. He used the combination of fastball and fast crossball to perfectly dominate the batters. .”

As for the big turbulence in the first half of the 3rd inning, Cassie said directly: "I think he has fallen into a vicious circle. The combination of fastball and fast fingering ball has disappeared. If you throw too sweet the ball to a good hitter, then the price you pay will be high."

Shintaro Fujinami's next board appearance is expected to be a guest on April 9, Taiwan time. Kasai said: "I am very much looking forward to his next game."

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