Wang Bairong.

(taken from twitter)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The second Japanese ham team played against the second Rhodes team today. The "King of Taiwan" Wang Bairong started the battle and scored 3 hits in a single game.

Wang Bairong hit the 6th designated hit today. On the 1st, the first hit was struck out. On the 4th, the second bat hit a midfield fly ball and was out. On the 6th, he played again and hit a short strike fly. On the second day, Ham replaced Tamiya Hiroyoshi, who also seized the opportunity to hit Ann. In the end, Ham's second army lost 2:7.

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Wang Bairong's 3-at-a-time stalled today, and his batting average dropped to 0.150 after the game.

Dawang stayed in Ham this year as a training player, and he had to work hard to become a dominant player before July 31 before he could have a chance to play in the first team.

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