Fengyuan Gaoshang entered the final and defended the title.

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[Reporter Wu Mengru/Comprehensive Report] Tonight, Fengyuan Gaoshang defeated Neihu Gaogong at 27:25, 25:13, and 26:24 in the top 4 men's group of the HVL High School Volleyball League. The 12th crown with the most in history.

Fengshang, which has bred many men's volleyball players, once completed 7 consecutive championships in the 102-108 school year, lost in the top 4 the next year and missed the championship, but successfully returned to glory last year, won the 11th championship in the history of the game, surpassing Huaqiao The 10 high school championships established the status of the high school men's volleyball king.

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Neihu Gaogong has reached the finals for two consecutive years, but they missed the championship. Last year, they fell under the hands of Fengshang. Now that the two sides meet in the top 4 ahead of schedule, Fengshang still has the upper hand. Zheng Weizhi scored 16 points. Chen Yulin scored 14 points, Zhuang Yuxiang scored 13 points, the whole team blossomed more points, and Luo Wenxuan was the best player with 27 points. Fengshang successfully won in straight sets.

This is the 16th time in the history of the Fengshang team that they have entered the finals. The opponents will be the winners of Huaqiao High School and Mailiao High School.

The last men's semi-final match was originally scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m., but because the two women's semi-final matches had played 5 innings, the schedule was also postponed, and Huaqiao and Mailiao did not start at 9:30.

Neihu Gaogong missed the championship.

(provided by HVL)

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