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Good morning, Liberty Sports presents you with exciting event preview and broadcast!

Today's major league game broadcast, the first game is the Rockies vs Padres, Rockies will send Jose Urena (Jose Urena) vs Padres Waka (Michael Wacha), the second game is Diamondbacks vs Dodgers, Diamondbacks will send star Left-hander Madison Bumgarner vs. Dodge Kershaw (Clayton Kershaw), two legendary left-hander classic duels, fans and friends who love major leagues remember to watch it!

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There are two games in the secondary vocational section. The first is Wei Quanlong vs. CITIC Brothers, and the second is Fubon Titans vs. Lotte Taoyuan. For fans of secondary vocational schools, remember to turn on the TV to watch!

There are two games in the NBA, the Lone Ranger vs. Heat and the Clippers vs. Pelicans. The current NBA season is coming to an end, and every team is striving for a better seeding or playoff spot. Don’t miss it. This period of competition hello!


08:30 Rocky @ Priest Huashi

09:00 Diamondbacks@DodgeELEVENSPORTS1, Elda Sports 2


07:30 Lone Ranger@热火威来体育

08:30 Speedboat @ Pelican Elda Sports 1, 10:00 Weilai Sports (D-Live)


14:00 Taichung Sun@ Taigang Falcon Jiayao Shaozong Gymnasium

16:30 Taiwan Beer Yingxiong @ Taoyuan Yunbao National Sports University Gymnasium

Broadcast: Weilai Sports, Elda Sports 2, ELEVENSPORTS1


14:30 Iron Man @ Dreamer Intercontinental Mini Egg

17:00 Siege Lion @ Wang Xinzhuang Gymnasium

Broadcast: MOMOTV

secondary vocational

17:05 Wei Quanlong@中信兄弟威来体育

17:05 Fubon Titans@乐天桃猪 ELEVENSPORTS2

day job


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