De Paula.

(Provided by CITIC Brothers)

Good morning, Liberty Sports presents you with exciting event preview and broadcast!

Two major league games will be broadcast today. The first game is the Rockies vs. Padres. The Rockies will send Kyle Freeland to play against Nick Martinez. Send Kelly (Merrill Kelly) to face Dodge May (Dustin May), fans and friends who love the major leagues remember to tune in!

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The secondary vocational part will usher in the opening game of this season, and will stage the championship game of last season. Lotte Taoyuan will face the CITIC Brothers, and Lotte Taoyuan will send Vidal to face the brother ace DePaula. Fans who love secondary vocational schools remember to watch it!

In the NBA part, there are two games, the Lakers vs. Timberwolves and the Nuggets vs. Suns. The current NBA season is coming to an end, and every team is striving for a better seed ranking or playoff spot. Don't miss this It's been a while!


09:30 Rocky @ Priest ELEVENSPORTS1

10:00 Diamondbacks@Dodge Alda Sports Channel 2, CTS


08:00 Lakers @ Gray Wolf Weilai Sports, Elda Sports 1

10:30 Gold Nugget@Sunweilai Sports, Elda Sports 1


14:00 Family Poseidon@台钢飞鹰

Broadcast: Weilai Sports, Elda Sports 2, ELEVENSPORTS1


14:30 Warrior @ Dreamer

17:00 Pilot Ape@King

Broadcast: MOMOTV

secondary vocational

17:05 Lotte Peach Ape@中信兄弟威来体育

day job


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