Embiid returned from injury today and scored a game-high 25 points.

(File photo, AFP)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Sixers star center Joel Embiid (Joel Embiid) returned from injury today, scored a game-high 25 points, helped the team defeat the Lone Ranger 116-108, and rewarded the Lone Ranger The 5th defeat in the past 6 games, but the truce against the Nuggets in the previous game caused dissatisfaction from all walks of life. Embiid reiterated that he doesn't care about winning the MVP, but only cares about whether the team can win the championship.

In the game between the Nuggets and the Sixers a few days ago, the outside world was expecting the two MVP favorites Embiid and Jokic (Nikola Jokic) to stage an epic duel, but in the end Embiid was absent due to a calf strain. It caused a lot of criticism, and there were even self-made "missing notices" made by fans to ridicule him for his timidity.

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And Embiid said that Jokic is one of the best players in the league. It is a pity not to play against him, but if a game may cause injury, everyone should withdraw and the players will miss it. This is not the first time in the game, and he also emphasized that everything is to ensure health in the playoffs.

In addition, Embiid further explained that he does not insist on winning the MVP, all he does is focus on winning the championship, if he does not win the gold cup, no matter what happens, he doesn't care.

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