The Cuban team made a strong vote for Y. Rodriguez.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The Cuban team, who played for the Japanese Dragons, strongly voted for Y. Rodríguez (Yariel Rodríguez), who defected to the Dominican Republic. He is expected to challenge the major league stage and is expected to get a 5-year $50 million contract.

Cuban journalist Francys Romero, who first reported this news, posted a post on social media Twitter late last night criticizing the Cuban Baseball Association. He believed that the China-Japan Dragon Ball Club should be informed of the situation immediately instead of issuing such an invalid statement. .

Y. Rodriguez was the relay king of the Central League last year. He played 56 games last season, with a record of 6 wins, 2 losses, an ERA of 1.15, and 39 successful relays.

During this year's classic, he played two games for the Cuban team, pitching a total of 7 innings with an ERA of 2.45, helping the "Red Lightning" break into the semi-finals.

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As Y. Rodriguez defected to the Dominican Republic, this made the Cuban Baseball Association (Baseball Federation of Cuba, abbreviated) issue a statement that if Y. Rodriguez does not return to the Chunichi Dragons, he will seek compensation from him $10 million.

Romero wrote on Twitter that in 2013, the new version of the registration system implemented by the Japanese professional league was limited to the Japanese professional league and the major leagues. The Cuban Baseball Federation was not involved in this transaction. Agents who have past contracts with professional teams should have informed the Chunichi Dragons earlier before making such an invalid statement in the middle of the night.”

The Cuban Federation does not enter into this deal. Theoretically they are now like the past agents of a contractually owned player of an NPB team. First, they

should have notified and informed Chunichi more internally, instead of publishing an incompetent statement midnight.

— Francys Romero (@francysromeroFR) March 29, 2023

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