The Cuban team made a strong vote for Y. Rodriguez.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The Cuban team, who played for the Japanese professional China Japan Dragons, strongly voted for Y. Rodríguez (Yariel Rodríguez). It was reported that he had defected to the Dominican Republic and planned to challenge the major league stage. million US dollars (approximately NT$1.53 billion) contracts.

The Cuban Baseball Federation (Baseball Federation of Cuba, referred to as) stated that it would seek compensation from Y. Rodriguez for US$10 million (approximately NT$300 million).

"China Japan Sports" reported that Kato Hiroyuki, the representative of the China Japan Dragon Ball Team, said that Y. Rodriguez was expected to arrive at the Central Japan International Airport this morning, but he did not come to Japan by plane, and he himself could not be contacted. If you can't get through, you need to confirm his location first.

The defection of Y. Rodriguez will also affect the strength of the bullpen in the opening season of the Chinese and Japanese Dragons.

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Y. Rodriguez played 56 games last year, with a record of 6 wins and 2 losses, a defense rate of 1.15, and 39 successful relays. He won the Central League relay king last season.

Y. Rodriguez signed a 2-year contract with Chunichi Dragons in the off-season; in this year's classic, Y. Rodriguez switched to the starting position and played 2 games for Cuba, throwing a total of 7 innings with an ERA of 2.45 , Helping the Cuban team break into the semi-finals of the classic.

Y. Rodriguez's contract originally belonged to the Cuban Baseball Association and the Chunichi Dragons. Now that Y. Rodriguez defected, he also suffered losses on behalf of the Cuban Baseball Association.

According to the Japanese media "Daily", the Cuban Baseball Association stated that this move seriously violated the 2023-2024 contract signed with the Chinese and Japanese dragons, players and agents.

If the agreement is abandoned, the Cuban Baseball Association will seek damages of 10 million US dollars.

Former Softbank general Oscar Colas defected to the United States in January 2020. At that time, Softbank resorted to tough measures and applied to make Colas a "restricted player". Before this restriction was lifted, Colas could not Sign with a major league team.

Colas was a free agent until December of that year when restrictions were lifted.

Colas is currently staying in the White Sox. He squeezed into the White Sox's opening season roster this year. This season is expected to see Colas's skill in the major leagues.


(File photo, Associated Press)

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