[Central News Agency] Zhang Yucheng, a baseball player in the United States, entered the spring training of the major leagues with the hot touch of the classic game. Wearing the Boston Red Sox jersey, he had hits in the last two warm-up games. The 26-man roster for the opening season of the socks has added favorable conditions.

In the Red Sox's warm-up match against the Atlanta Braves in Fort Myers, Florida, Zhang Yucheng replaced starter Rafael Devers at third base in the 4th inning, and then switched to shortstop. Usually stable.

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In terms of offense, the Red Sox trailed 3-6 in 5 innings. Zhang Yucheng hit a clever hit from the back of the guerrilla defense zone and sent back a teammate who scored third base due to a pitcher foul. The first RBI in the spring training warm-up game was released.

Zhang Yucheng was struck out in the next two bats and failed to advance a runner.

Due to Zhang Yucheng's participation in the 5th World Baseball Classic (WBC) on behalf of Taiwan and the delay of visa issues, the major league spring training warm-up games only played 2 games, 6 hits and 2 hits, including 1 double. 1 RBI, overall offensive index (OPS, on-base percentage plus batting average) 0.833.

The Red Sox hit 3 home runs in this campaign, including Japanese player Masamori Yoshida's first home run in the spring training warm-up match. They still lost 5 to 7 to the Warriors with stronger attacking firepower, and ended spring training with 14 wins, 14 losses and 4 draws Warm up the schedule.

The 27-year-old Zhang Yucheng played for the Cleveland Guardians, Pittsburgh Pirates, Tampa Bay Rays and Red Sox last season, but was not renewed by the Red Sox after the season.

However, Red Sox infielder Trevor Story is expected to be absent for a long time after surgery on his right elbow at the beginning of the year. Adalberto Mondesi, who moved to the Red Sox in January, continued to recover after a serious left knee injury last season, prompting the Red Sox In mid-February, Zhang Yucheng was signed back with a major league contract to increase the depth of the infield defense.

When Zhang Yucheng participated in the classic game in Taiwan earlier in March, he was full of firepower. He hit 7 hits in 16 at-bats, including 2 home runs. , won the title of "Minister of Defense".

Zhang Yucheng returned to the United States on the 23rd for spring training. Before playing a warm-up game, the Red Sox announced that infielder Bobby Dalbec (Bobby Dalbec) would be transferred to the minor league 3A.

Zhang Yucheng had a hit in the last two games of the spring training warm-up match, and it is almost a foregone conclusion that he will be squeezed into the 26-man roster of the opening season as an infielder.

The Red Sox are scheduled to announce the season-opening roster tomorrow, and will host the Baltimore Orioles at home on the opening day of the major leagues on the 30th.

Zhang Yucheng is expected to squeeze into the major league opening season list for 4 consecutive years, but it remains to be seen whether he can start the opening game of 3 consecutive seasons.

The Red Sox are expected to start the season with Enrique Hernandez guarding the shortstop. In 2020, Christian Arroyo, who was on the same team with Zhang Yucheng briefly in 2020, is in good form in the spring training warm-up game and is a popular candidate for starting second baseman .

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