Lin Yuting.

(File photo, photo by reporter Tu Jianrong)

Professor Ye Wenling, former chairman of the Taiwan Sports Medicine Association

When Lin Yuting lost the bronze medal because of the gender biochemical index, the whole country was in an uproar.

Some people think that foreigners are biased, some people think that the executive committee is unfair, or some people think that the individual sports associations don't understand current affairs.

Little do they know that the "gender issue" controversy is just like the "unification" and "independence" issues for Taiwan, the "survival issue" for Israel and Palestine, and the Dokdo issue for Japan and South Korea.

For the "Generation of Old Thieves", men are men and women are women, so what's the matter?

How can human rights be ignored for "multiple generations"?

But for athletes, it is either the "men's team" or the "women's team".

There is currently no "third sex group".

So how to determine "gender" is a matter of great importance.

In particular, the attribution of "transgender" is even more controversial.

Biological sex is generally called "sex".

The gender influenced by factors such as culture and social environment is called "gender".

The reason for this is that the expression of sexual characteristics is intertwined with "genes", "gonads", "sex hormones" and "development of sexual organs".

Coupled with the influence of external factors, different gender identities are derived.

If it is just a personal matter, no one can interfere, but the "movement" in modern society involves huge interests.

The difference in the 100-meter race is only a few tenths of a second.

But the value of gold and silver medals is not a few tenths of a dollar.

Among them, "male hormone" has a decisive role.

Therefore, in the East German era, a large number of "male hormones" were used in a planned manner by the state, resulting in a large number of "hunky-backed and tiger-backed female athletes. Naturally, the results outweighed the group of female athletes.

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The foundation of good sports performance is "male hormone", which is used by the International Olympic Committee to judge "male" and "female".

And standards are getting lower.

That means "male hormones" have a major impact.

But the "one size fits all" judgment method is definitely rough and rude.

Because the "male hormone" of different sports varies greatly.

Generally speaking, the "androgen" will also be higher in sports that increase the demand for explosive power.

Therefore, it is by no means impossible to "cut" normal women by mistake.

Today drug testing is inevitable in various sports competitions.

Once positive, the results are often disastrous.

Compared with "gender determination", drug testing is the focus of more attention.

Both are related to the "androgen" family.

How to balance sports performance and avoid disputes requires delicate operations and precise intelligence gathering.

The core issue is the level and depth of the intervention of the state apparatus.

Those in power only pay attention to ribbon-cutting, not hard work.

When those in power can only ask their superiors everywhere, our athletes can really only "explode thunder" everywhere, and keep losing hard-earned medals.

We support any decision Yu Ting makes, but we must tell him where the line is drawn.

Adults, do you hear me?

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