Warrior Spray (right) brothers Corey and (left) K. Thompson.

(File photo, USA Today)

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There are two games broadcast in the NBA today. The first game is the Heat vs. the Raptors. The Raptors have won 2 consecutive victories recently. Against the Heat, can they continue to maintain their winning streak? The second game is the Pelicans vs. the Warriors. The Warriors Splash Brothers Can Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson help the team win? Remember to lock in the broadcast!

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07:30 Heat@拉龙威来体育

10:00 Pelicans@Warriors Weilai Sports, Elda Sports 1

Vocational warm-up match

18:35 Lion vs. Dragon ELEVENSPORTS1

18:35 Titans vs. Peach Ape ELEVENSPORTS2

18:35 Eagles vs. Elephants Weilai Sports

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