Murakami Sotaka.

(File photo, AFP)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The Japanese "Triple Champion" Murakami Munetaka played the hero in the top 4 of the classic match. He was one of the contributors to the Japanese team's final victory. After returning to his home team, Yakult, he also shared his performance on the international stage. harvest.

The 23-year-old Yakult player Munetaka Murakami is currently the most threatening hitter in Japan. He hit the 4th bat of the Japanese team in the classic game and fell into a low ebb. A two-run comeback double hit was also successful, and later he hit a tie in the championship game against the United States.

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"Sports Hochi" reported that Munetaka Murakami returned to Yakult on the 26th and had spring training with his home team. When asked about his thoughts on this classic game, he said: "I will work harder and want to become an active player on the world stage. ” expresses his determination to challenge the major leagues.

The report mentioned that Munetaka Murakami gained a lot of skills and training methods from his major league teammates Shohei Otani and Darvish, and also bought nutritional supplements at his own expense. For Murakami who originally intended to challenge the major leagues, Classics can be said to be a good time to learn from.

Then the media asked Murakami what he thought after competing with world-class players. He replied, "There is no difference (strength). We have become the number one in the world. The level and strength of Japanese baseball are improving. There is no doubt that we can compete on an equal footing. Power, we showed the world how strong Japanese baseball is."

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