The color of the outfield turf of Douliu Stadium is "mottled".

(Photo by reporter Lin Youchen)

[Reporter Lin Youchen/Douliu Report] In the last three days of the public warm-up match, Douliu Stadium has arranged games. Recently, through the broadcast screen, fans found that the color of the Douliu Stadium's outfield turf is "mottled", and it seems to be withered.

Before today's game, Dou Liuchang Fang revealed that the brown part of the outfield turf was not due to poor maintenance of the stadium. On the contrary, it was to kill the weeds by using "targeted herbicides" to kill the weeds first.

The field manager explained that during the spring training period, the Taiwan team and the Weiquan Dragons both used the Douliu stadium for the classic game. After the start of the season, the Dragons also used the second-army training and second-army games. Recently, they finally found a stadium for about two weeks. During the free time, kill the weeds commonly known as "water centipede".

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The field staff said: "The weed we commonly call "water centipede" has a root length of about 30 centimeters. It is not easy to eradicate if it grows too much. If it grows too much, the spikes of the players will get stuck, which will cause safety problems. We use targeted herbicides to eradicate the weeds first, and then we will replant them with Bermuda grass.”

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