Ye Junzhang.

(Photo by reporter Liao Yaodong)

[Reporter Lin Youchen/Dou Liu Report] After the meeting of the senior vocational team leaders yesterday, the chairman Cai Qichang proposed the idea of ​​"single season system", and it will be implemented as soon as next year. The existing first and second half season systems are likely to go into history. The possible effect of the game has aroused discussion among fans.

The head coach of Wei Chuan Dragons, Ye Junzhang, believes that in fact, the existing competition system and the single-season system can coexist conceptually.

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Mr. Ye explained that the current competition system guarantees the half-season championship. The winner of the half-season with the highest winning percentage guarantees a spot in the Taiwan competition. The guarantee is the player with the "highest winning percentage throughout the year".

Mr. Ye said: "If we look at the winning percentage of the whole year first, the team with the highest winning percentage is the strongest team in the season. Let them be recommended to the Taiwan competition, and then let the half-season champion play the first round of the playoffs first, and the winner will advance to the Taiwan competition. This is more reasonable. , and can also take into account the advantages of both with minimal changes to the existing competition system.”

Lotte Taoyuan head coach Zeng Haoju said that the single-season system has its advantages. For each team, the adjustment of combat power will be more balanced, but a single season will affect the box office of each team at the end of the season. Big, the excitement of the game may be affected, and the league has not yet implemented a single season, and it may take time for all teams to adapt.

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