Namo Yiyang.

(File photo, photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

[Reporter Lin Youchen/Dou Liu Report] A few days ago, there was a public warm-up match, and Wei Quanlong's roster did not see Namo Yiyang, who switched to outfield this year. It turned out that he suffered a leg injury during practice shortly before the public game.

After recuperating and rehabilitating, Namo practiced normally today. After discussion with the coaching team before the game, he was placed in the starting lineup for today's match against Lotte Taoyuan, playing 8th bat and guarding left field.

Namo said: "About a week before the official warm-up match, I accidentally strained my left hind leg while practicing defense. But the current situation is good, and the team also arranged a rehab match before."

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Namo said that after switching to the outfield, the current practice situation is considered to be handy.

Originally, Namor practiced normally before the game, but it was not sure whether he would start today. After discussion with the coaching staff, he decided to change the starting schedule for today, and Namor returned to the starting sequence.

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