Sequence table.

(Photo by reporter Lin Youchen)

[Reporter Lin Youchen/Dou Liu Report] Yesterday, Quanlong team and Lotte Taoyuan held a warm-up match. The ball commentator Liu Fuhao posted the Dragon team's starting sequence. I saw that the Dragon team's logistics team director "Rui Ge" Xie Zhangrui wrote a good handwriting , and the 8-character name of Rukai player Masges Obaluni (Chinese name Oujin) was perfectly written into the league's official sequence table, making Liu Fuhao directly call it like "modern oracle bone inscriptions".

Today, Mascus Obaloni is still in the starting sequence, serving as the seventh batter and first baseman, and Jili Jiluo Gong Guan is playing the second batter. After Xie Zhangrui wrote the original sequence, he will play the sequence There is also fine-tuning. Namo Yiyang, who returned from injury, changed from a substitute to the starting eighth bat. Xie Zhangrui wrote another playlist before the game, which was also a "perfect performance".

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Xie Zhangrui used to work for Yida Rhinoceros and the Fubon Titans team that later changed hands. In fact, he was almost responsible for transcribing the team's play sequence back then.

Xie Zhangrui said: "I have been writing for many years. I think it was when I was at Yida University. Because I studied architectural drawing before, I knew how to write "Imitation Song Style". It was only after I wrote the sequence table that I began to use it again.”

Xie Zhangrui said that since the sequence sheet is made of carbon paper, you have to use force when writing it so that it can be effectively printed to the next sheet.

As for the use of such fonts, Xie Zhangrui said that as a logistics team, he hopes to use the most cautious and serious attitude to write the sequence and hand it over to the league officials.

However, during the season, there will be situations from time to time, and the play sequence will be replaced.

Xie Zhangrui said: "Usually, if a team faces a losing streak, I will ask someone else to help me write the playoff sequence to see if I can change my luck. If the team wins on the day of the substitution, that person will continue to write the next day."

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