Fubon Titans announced the 2023 annual image film today.

(taken from video)

[Reporter Wu Qingzheng/Taipei Report] Fubon Titans today announced the 2023 season's annual image video, turning the annual slogan "ALL BLUE" into a practical goal. In order to continue to move forward, every drop of sweat dripped on the field It's all nourishment; in order to reach the blue waters, every swing and pitch will not be wasted.

Fubon's annual image film was shot at Xinzhuang Stadium and the newly established Daojiang Base, recording the hard training process of players during spring training.

Even in the face of the setbacks and challenges in the past, the team is still working tirelessly to carry out solid training day and night, and the new captain Fan Guochen has a firm look in his eyes, integrating the goals of the whole team into a blue current, sinking all doubts with one stick, and using unity blue power move forward.

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The local imagery of Xinbei is more integrated into the film. The blue electric current starts from Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium and connects to Fubon Titans Xinzhuang Theme MRT Station, Xinbei Loop Line, Xinzhuang Wenchang Land Bridge, Xinzhuang Temple Street, Xinyue Bridge, etc. Attractions, fans from Xinzhuang to Xinbei must be proud of the Fubon Titans.

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