Dan Cohen, a foreign intelligence searcher of the Dragon Team.

(Photo by reporter Lin Youchen)

[Reporter Lin Youchen/Dou Liu Report] The Weiquanlong team has recently hired a new foreign searcher, Dan Cohen, who has reported to the team a few days ago.

Dan Cohen said that after coming to Taiwan, he will be responsible for assisting the Dragons to improve team data analysis and provide assistance as much as possible. He is expected to stay in Taiwan for about 4 to 5 weeks.

Dan Cohen revealed that he has worked in the Indians (now the Guardians) for more than 10 years, mainly engaged in player development, video and data analysis, through the team's deputy team leader, who also worked for the Indians Qu Xin En introduced, come to Taiwan to assist the dragon team.

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Dan Cohen said: "Head Coach Ye Junzhang, Ji Li Ji Lao Gong Guan, Zhang Yucheng and others have also worked together in the Indians. We have contacts with Ye and enjoyed working with Ye. process, so this time I was invited by the Dragons to come to Taiwan.”

When he came to the Dragons, Dan Cohen said that his first impression of the team was that the players were approachable and cooperative. He said: "This team has many good hitters. I also noticed that the players respect the game, the coaches The members of the team are devoted to the game, and there is no personal heroism. Coming here, I hope to contribute what I can, and improve the team's ability to prepare for the game and interpret the opponent."

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