Mascus Obaloni.

(Photo by reporter Liao Yaodong)

[Reporter Lin Youchen/Douliu Report] Weiquanlong Team Mascus Obaluni (Chinese name Ou Jin) has had the opportunity to participate in self-organized warm-up matches at the beginning of spring training this year, and public warm-up matches are also maintained Under certain conditions, there is a good chance of entering the list of the first team in the opening season.

In the last two days of the competition, Dragon Team logistics director Xie Zhangrui "stuffed" his 8-character name into the sequence form with imitation Song typeface. Mashigesi himself also praised: "It's very strong!"

Yesterday, the ball commentator Liu Fuhao's po article praised Xie Zhangrui's good handwriting, which aroused discussion among fans.

Xie Zhangrui said that he had studied architectural drawing in the past, and when he used carbon paper to write the sequence in secondary vocational competitions, he tried his best to write the words neatly into the sequence, and he was also responsible for writing in previous years.

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Mascus said that he did not pay special attention to the preface before and after the game yesterday. When he heard that "Rui Ge" had written his name perfectly in the prequel, Mascus laughed and said, "It's very strong! It can be written well. go in."

Mascus said that his goal in spring training is to start the season first, and he should prepare first, and hope to take advantage of his opportunity when it is his turn. He also said with a smile that he hopes to have more chances to start first, so that "Rui Ge" can Write his name several times.

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