The home fans of the Nuggets made their own "Missing Person Notice Poster", and Jokic also won the big triple in this game to help the team win.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The Nuggets played against the Sixers at home today. It was expected to stage the "MVP battle" between Joel Embiid and Jokic (Nikola Jokic). Since Embiid was not allowed to play, and at the same time another star guard James Harden (James Harden) also waived the card, the Nuggets won the victory 116:111 when the opponent lacked two main players, and the Nuggets fans also Taking the opportunity to mock Embiid, he made Embiid's "Missing Person Notice".

The Nuggets and the Seventy-Sixers had a seesaw in the first half, but the Nuggets dominated the game in the third quarter to open the score. Jokic reached a triple in that quarter; the Nuggets once led by 20 points in the fourth quarter. When it seemed that they were about to win easily, the Seven Sixers launched a counterattack. With 28.2 seconds before the end, Harrell (Montrezl Harrell) dunked successfully, chasing the trail to only 3 points, and then the Gold Nugget Green (Jeff Green) was fouled for a layup. The personal challenge failed, and Green also successfully scored two free throws, laying the foundation for the victory of the game.

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Jokic played 35 minutes in this game, leaving 25 points, 17 rebounds and 12 assists, reaching his 29th triple-double this season. Jamal Murray scored the team's second-highest 19 points. Bench Brown (Bruce Brown) today Outstanding performance, contributed 18 points, and sent 5 assists.

For the Sixers, Tyrese Maxey jumped out to make up for the absence of two stars and scored a game-high 29 points.

Regarding Embiid's rotation, Sixers head coach Rivers (Doc Rivers) said that he knows that everyone is looking forward to this matchup, but for the team, ensuring that the players can enter the playoffs healthily is the top priority , "This (rotation of Embiid) is not a difficult decision for us."

Before the game, the 76ers announced that Embiid would not play. The Nuggets home fans also got creative about this, and made their own version of Embiid's "Missing Person Notice", which became the focus off the court.

These young Nuggets fans trolled Joel Embiid

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