Doncic (right) was exempted from the suspension and led the team to victory.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The NBA has entered the end of the regular season, but the Mavericks, who are competing for a place in the playoffs, have ushered in a low tide. 16 technical fouls resulted in a suspension, but the league revoked the technical foul before today's Pacers game, and the Lone Ranger also won 127:104 under Doncic's all-around performance, ending a 4-game losing streak.

In this game, Doncic and Irving (Kyrie Irving) teamed up to attack. They scored 25 points and 16 points respectively. Doncic also had an all-around performance of 7 rebounds and 6 assists. In the first quarter, the Lone Ranger scored 40:27 to open the score. The audience led by up to 31 points. In the end, they easily won the away game. The record returned to 37 wins and 39 losses.

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Doncic was called the 16th technical foul of the season because he was dissatisfied with the referee in the last game. According to the rules, he should have been suspended for one game. However, the league later revoked the technical foul and allowed Doncic to play today.

In total, this is the second time that Doncic has withdrawn a technical foul this season. In the first two seasons, Doncic also "only" received 15 technical fouls each, and missed the suspension.

Rick Carlisle, the Pacers coach before the game and who once led Doncic in the Lone Ranger, said that he had seen Doncic get hit in almost every game, so he could understand Doncic's dissatisfaction with the referee's call.

It is worth mentioning that Carlisle is currently the coach with the most technical fouls this season.

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