Taoyuan catcher Song Jiaxiang knocked out two points in 5 innings.

(Photo by reporter Liao Yaodong)

[Reporter Lin Youchen/Dou Liu Report] During the interview before the game, Lotte Taoyuan coach Zeng Haoju named the 18-year-old "1-finger catcher" Song Jiaxiang as having a good chance of entering the first team list of the opening season. As a result, he scored two shots in 5 rounds. At the age of 18 and 249 days, he set the record for the youngest start of a public warm-up match, and became the biggest highlight of Tao Yuan's 5:6 loss to Wei Quanlong.

Wei Quanyang pitched Brihan and lost 2 points in the first 5 innings, winning the first public warm-up match.

(Photo by reporter Liao Yaodong)

The Dragons sent foreign pitcher Breehan to start last game. As a result, he lost 2 points in 5 innings of main pitching, and scored 4 points in 4 innings by using Taoyuan's 2 turnovers in a single inning, winning his first personal warm-up match.

It's just that Breehan was not knocked out in the first 4 innings, but Song Jiaxiang's right field two-pointer could not escape the 5th inning.

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Song Jiaxiang is the youngest in the public warm-up match

Zeng Haoju named Song Jiaxiang before the game, which was highly anticipated by the coaching staff. He said: "It was originally arranged for him to play with the team for a while, and gradually accumulate experience through actual combat." As a result, Song Jiaxiang hit the first home run of the public warm-up match yesterday, with a cumulative batting average of 3 in 6 games Cheng is 53, but he believes that there is still room for improvement in both offense and defense. "Sometimes I feel that my hit gap is a bit too big. The improvement is that I can adjust it as soon as possible. However, it is the first time to cooperate with many pitchers, and the tacit understanding is not so good yet. good."

Song Jiaxiang was named No. 1 by Tao Yuan in last year's draft, and he became the youngest player since the official warm-up match was officially recorded yesterday.

The 31-year-old Zhu Yuxian did not let his younger brother focus on the front, and he also hit 3 points in the 6th inning. Although the cumulative batting average of 190% in the public warm-up match was low, he had already hit 3 home runs. "The situation is not bad, but still No matter how better it can be, the certainty of scoring laps is not enough, and I hope the good parts can be maintained until the opening season.”

Infield makes two mistakes and gives Mizen 4 points

Mr. Zeng pointed out that although several hitters are in good condition, the batting content of the main hitter group can be better, and it is time to make adjustments as the season approaches.

As for second baseman Lin Li and third baseman Liang Jiarong each making a turnover in the 4th inning, Mr. Zeng admitted that it is relatively rare, and he still hopes that the whole team will improve their concentration and make corrections as soon as possible during the warm-up game.