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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The major league will usher in the opening game on March 31, Taiwan time, but the Angels have bad news today. Infielder Jared Walsh and catcher Max Stassi will not Enter the season roster.

According to "The Athletic" reporter Sam Blum, Walsh had to deal with headaches and insomnia, and Stacey was affected by a hip injury. Both were placed on the disabled list. Infielder Jake Lamb and big catcher Logan O'Hoppe will be on the opening roster.

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Walsh played 118 games last season, hit 15 homers, contributed 44 RBIs, and hit 215. He hit 44 home runs in the past two seasons and was selected to the All-Star Game the year before last.

Stacey played 102 games last year, setting a career high in a single season, knocking out 9 homers, 30 RBIs, and a batting average of 0.180. He is also a good partner of Otani Shohei. Last year, 26 of Otani's 28 board games were played by Stacey. West caught.

Jared Walsh will start the season on the IL as he deals with headaches and insomnia. He's doing a two-week program.

Max Stassi will also start the season on the IL with a hip issue.

Logan O'Hoppe and Jake Lamb made the team .

— Sam Blum (@SamBlum3) March 27, 2023

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