Otani Shohei.

(Associated Press)

[Reporter Ni Wanjun/Comprehensive Report] "Forbes" today announced the top ten players with the highest income in major leagues this year. The number one player is Shohei Otani, who just won the MVP of the classic game. It is estimated that he will earn US$65 million this year (approximately NT$1.99 billion), "broke" the major league record.

"Forbes" pointed out that Shohei Otani will earn 65 million U.S. dollars this year if taxes and brokerage company commissions are not included, of which 30 million U.S. dollars is his annual salary in Angel this year, and at least 35 million U.S. dollars are his off-site endorsements income.

Just looking at $35 million, you may not know how amazing it is. Yankees "Judge" Judge ranked second this year with $4.5 million in off-field income, so you can see how much Otani has "earned".

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Otani is very popular in Japan and the United States. He has 13 endorsements including Japan's Kowa Pharmaceutical KOWA, Japan's Seiko Watches, the high-end fashion brand Boss, and the largest sporting goods company in the United States, Fanatics and Topps.

In recent months alone, Otani has signed huge contracts with Japanese makeup brand Kose and American sports brand New Balance.

Regarding Otani's commercial value, Davis, New Balance's chief marketing officer, said: "He is probably the first and only baseball player of this generation who can bring such considerable commercial influence to the brand."

Under Ohtani's leadership, the top 10 high-income players in major leagues earned a total of US$436 million this year, which not only set a new record, but was also 15% higher than last year's previous record of US$377 million. This shows how amazing "Otani's economic benefits" are.

Xue Zhe ranked second with $59.3 million (off-court income of $1 million), No. 3 Jagi with $44.5 million (off-court income of $4.5 million), No. Choott of $39.5 million (off-court income of $4 million), No. 6 Rendon $38.2 million (off-court income of $200,000), No. Correa has $37 million ($1 million in off-court earnings), No. 9 Seager $36 million ($1 million in off-court earnings), and No. 10 Leonardo has $35.2 million ($200,000 in off-court earnings).

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