Trout said that the atmosphere of the classic game made him quite eager for the playoffs.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The countdown to the new major league season, Shohei Otani and "Trout" Trout (Mike Trout) who led Japan and the United States in the classics a few days ago, will also change from opponents to teammates. Recalling this dream match during the interview, he said that the tense atmosphere of the classic arena made him very eager to return to the playoffs to experience it again.

Trout described the epic pitching matchup against Ohtani as an unbelievable experience, "We were all competing there, and that was the first time I've seen him on the mound like whoever he is, probably for baseball. One of the coolest experiences in my career." At the same time, Triott also said with a smile that Otani is a good pitcher and he is very happy to be his teammate.

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In addition, Trout emphasized that he was very excited after playing the classic game, because he enjoyed the feeling of being tense and living in the moment, so he immediately sent a message to Angels head coach Phil Nevin (Phil Nevin), telling him Needing this moment, being a baseball fan, being a competitor, that's the fun part of the game.

Although the Angels have had a winning rate of less than 50% for seven consecutive seasons, Trout is still quite satisfied with the team's reinforcements during the off-season. , I will be quite disappointed.

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