Otani Shohei.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Shohei Otani served as the third designated hitter in the spring training warm-up match against the Dodgers today. He scored 2 hits in 3 at-bats and the Angels defeated the Dodgers 5:4.

Shohei Otani hit a fly ball in the first at-bat, a flat-fly hit to right field in the second inning of the 3rd inning, and a Texas hit to the left field in the 5th inning. Then the Angels changed to run and he also officially retired to rest.

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Shohei Otani, who has 3 teams and 2 teams in this campaign, currently has a batting average of 0.455 in spring training. Japanese media pointed out that Otani has not only knocked out 4 games in a row in spring training, but also from spring training warm-up games, classic warm-up games, and classic games this season. Hitting Ann in 13 consecutive games, the Japanese media described him as "excellent" and "indefatigable".

The battle between the Angels and the Dodgers was booming. The two teams knocked out 6 homers in total. Teammates Mike Trout and Mookie Betts of the American team in the classic game also had homer records. Taylor Ward's home run and Brandon Drury's hit took an early 4-0 lead. Ward picked a key walk in the 6th inning to squeeze back to the 5th point, and the Angels narrowly won by 1 point at the end.

Sho Single x2

Shohei Ohtani singles in the 5th inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Angel Stadium for the second time tonight. Ohtani exits game with a pinch runner taking over. Credit:

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