Zhang Yucheng started at second base in the warm-up game yesterday, and he is a promising infielder for the Red Sox.


[Reporter Xu Zhengyang/Comprehensive Report] Zhang Yucheng, who started from the major leagues for 4 consecutive seasons, was placed at the 9th second baseman in the warm-up match yesterday. Red Sox head coach Cora said that Zhang Yucheng is not only a good shortstop, Can also defend first and third base, I believe he is ready.

2. Tour experience is the key to the final selection for the opening season

Cora pointed out that the toolman chose Zhang Yucheng in the opening season because the competitor Dalbe and the minor league delegated power. Zhang Yucheng seems to be in good condition and has experience in defense in the guerrilla zone.

The US media believes that the Red Sox have major injuries at second base and guerrillas. Zhang Yucheng has more experience in second base and swimming, so he may be included in the opening season roster.

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The new major league season will start in the early morning of the day after tomorrow Taiwan time. Zhang Yucheng can only use the last two warm-up games to adjust. Yesterday, he had a good performance of 3 hits and 1 double in his first start. The official website of the Red Sox stated that Zhang Yucheng Although they almost missed spring training due to playing the classic game, and their time to go to the United States was delayed by a work visa, the Red Sox are still full of confidence in this decision.

Dalbe played 18 games in the warm-up match, 51 hits, 12 hits, 2 homers, and 6 RBIs. He lost to Zhang Yucheng because of his lack of experience in guerrilla defense. He said that he did everything he could do, and the rest was not He can decide, "I'm a regular starter every day in the big leagues, and I'm not going to be affected by this devolution."