Zhang Yucheng.

(File photo, photo by reporter Liao Yaodong)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The 5th World Baseball Classic came to a successful conclusion last week. This year’s game reached a new peak in terms of eye-catching, box office and ratings. There are also many "famous scenes" that fans still talk about , The official channel of "FOX Sports" recently counted the top ten exciting moments of this year, and Taiwan's "Minister of Defense" Zhang Yucheng's home run was also on the list.

"FOX Sports" recently edited a video of more than 6 minutes long, which included the top ten important scenes of this year. The one who won the first place is undoubtedly the last seat of this classic game, played by Otani Shohei. Trout), helping Japan beat the United States to win the championship.

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The second place is Japan's Murakami Sotaka's farewell double hit against Mexico in the semifinals. The US team's T. Turner (Trea Turner) followed closely behind in the comeback slam in the World War I. Mexican star Arlo Randy Arozarena confiscated a home run from Okamoto and May, and ranked fourth.

The 5th place is 4 pitchers from Puerto Rico teamed up to make Israel 24-24. Shohei Otani kicked off against Australia in the preliminaries. The home run ball was passed in the auditorium and the fans took turns to take pictures. 6.

The 7th place is Italy's first break into the top 8 (actually the 2nd time), and Japan's "Reiwa Monster" Sasaki Langxi started against the Czech Republic on the 12th anniversary of the 311 tsunami. 8 bits.

The 9th place was Taiwan's fourth fan Zhang Yucheng's shocking slam in 2 rounds against the Netherlands; Puerto Rico eliminated the favorite Dominican and advanced to the semi-finals and was selected as 10th.

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