Y. Rodriguez, who had come to Taiwan to perform, defected.

(File photo, European News Agency)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The Cuban strong voter Y. Rodríguez (Yariel Rodríguez), who came to Taiwan to compete this month, was revealed last night that he had defected to the Dominican Republic and planned to challenge the major leagues.

Cuban journalist Francys Romero tweeted that the 26-year-old Y. Rodriguez will escape his contract with the Chunichi Dragons and the Cuban Baseball Federation, which he originally belonged to. Big league opportunity.

Previous Cuban bullpen catcher Ivan Prieto was also revealed by Romero and left the national team when he was in Miami. Y. Rodriguez became the second person to defect from Cuba in this classic.

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Romero additionally revealed the statement of the major league scouts, saying that Y. Rodriguez has the opportunity to sign a contract with the major league with an amount of about 50 million US dollars (approximately NT 1.51 billion). The mid-to-back rotation of the major leagues.

Last season, Y. Rodriguez was the most important bullpen general of the China and Japan Dragons. He and another Cuban pitcher, R.

Martinez was responsible for the bullpen of the team's victory group. Y. Rodriguez played 56 games and scored 6 wins, 2 losses and 39 relay successes. The defense rate was 1.15. He mainly served as the starting pitcher in the classic game Work and performance get the attention of major league teams.

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