The 2023 China National Games tennis match was originally held in Zhudong Township, Hsinchu County, but the venue was so bad that it did not meet the requirements of the event. The artificial turf court in the picture also caused injuries to the players.

(File photo, photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)

[Reporter Wu Mengru/Taipei Report] In 2012, Hsinchu National Games Qualifying Tournament was out of contract again and again. The Zhudong Tennis Competition venue was missing and players were injured. There was also a problem with the electronic protective gear system in Taekwondo sparring events. Being bombarded is the worst Hsinchu County Mayor Yang Wenke said that 99.9% of the venues are ready for the upcoming competition, only the last 0.1%.

The China National Games will be held in Hsinchu from April 22nd to 27th. Regarding the continuous outsourcing of the competition venue and equipment, Yang Wenke said at the pre-match press conference today that problems must be solved, emphasizing that there will be no escape. And he also admitted to the public that the venue has not been fully completed, and the remaining pads around the skating rink have to be completed. It is expected to be completed by the end of the month and will be tested again at the beginning of the month.

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A total of 20 sports in this year's National Games, including track and field, swimming, gymnastics, billiards, badminton, tennis, taekwondo, judo, weightlifting, archery, soft tennis, karate, shooting, boxing, wrestling, fencing, light boats, rowing, freewheeling, and wooden ball There will be one compulsory event and one optional event of roller skating, and more than 20,000 players from all over the country will compete on the same field.

Lin Jiaen, an Olympic archery player from Hsinchu, held the torch at the press conference today and handed it over to the young players, symbolizing "passing on the torch and making new achievements". I hope these rising stars can show their strength in Hsinchu and win the future in the Windy City.

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