Cloud Leopard invited singers to sing after the game.

(provided by Cloud Leopard)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The home games of the Taoyuan Yongfeng Clouded Leopards professional basketball team of the T1 League are in full swing. In addition to the wonderful games led by Dwight Howard, the team has invited a series of super heavyweight singers to front the remaining home games Come to the stadium, including "Slam Dunk"'s popular classic song "Until the End of the World", led by Noboru Uesugi, hip-hop group Nine One One, singer-songwriter Gao Erxuan OSN, Taiwanese punk band Fire Extinguisher Orchestra Served as a guest singer after the game.

This Friday, Yunbao invited Taike hip-hop group Nine One One to take the lead. Nine One One is deeply loved by many young people with the style of Taike hip-hop music. Many popular songs are must-see songs on KTV in recent years.

Immediately after the Macaron Girls Day, which debuted on April 2, the singer-songwriter Gao Erxuan OSN, who has both appearance and strength, was invited to melt the hearts of fans. Many of Gao Erxuan's songs have more than 10 million hits on YouTube. Among them, the single "Without You" exceeded 80 million views in one fell swoop. In 2020, with the album "#osnrap", it was selected as the top ten singers of the year on the KKBOX Billboard, and was shortlisted for the Best Newcomer Award at the 31st Golden Melody Awards.

The outstanding stage charm of Jiuyiyi and Gao Erxuan OSN will attract the audience during the consecutive holidays!

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Clouded Leopards said that the last two home games of the Clouded Leopards this season, the team will ignite the passionate basketball spirit in the hearts of the fans. On April 8th, the international blockbuster invited Uesugi, the original singer of the classic song "Until the End of the World" of "Slam Dunk" Let the lead singer and lyricist of the Japanese heavyweight rock band WANDS in the 1990s arouse the basketball dream in every basketball fan.

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