Liang Enshuo (right) hopes to rebound from the bottom of the valley and fight for the top 100 women's singles by the end of this year.

(Photo by reporter Liang Weiming)

[Reporter Liang Weiming/Taipei Report] On the eve of Taiwan's "Small Steel Cannon" Liang Enshuo's trip to the United States, he revealed this year's schedule. In the near future, he will first strive for tickets for the French Open and Wimbledon Grand Slam, and prepare for the World Universiade in Chengdu in July and Hangzhou in September The Asian Games and other international competitions are preparing for the competition, and the annual goal is expected to enter the top 100 levels of WTA professional women's singles.

Liang Enshuo was invited to attend the "2023 Formosa Plastics Burning Star Project and Formosa Plastics Future Star Press Conference" today, and thanked domestic companies for their long-term sponsorship and support with practical actions. Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games Tennis Women's Singles Bronze Medal, which is also the first women's singles medal for my country in 60 years.

Although the "Small Steel Cannon" who suffered a loss of body shape after turning to a professional career has fallen into a bottleneck, and due to the impact of last year's injury, she still needs to adjust. She is currently ranked 309 in the world in singles and 162 in doubles. 150 steps forward, "It will take a little more time to be competitive in the arena. This year, I will gradually find the feeling of the on-field game, at least to return to the state."

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Liang Enshuo, who mainly plays singles, hopes to enter the French Open clay court first, and then the Wimbledon grass court is also the goal. At the end of this year, he will challenge the top 100. "This is the biggest goal. There are still many places to work hard. I will Be more focused and don't give up easily." In addition to the professional competition, she won the bronze medal in the last Asian Games and is expected to represent Taiwan again. , the warm-up Universiade is also on the itinerary.”

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