Wang Bairong.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Japanese ham "Taiwan King" Wang Bairong started the game in the second army today. Although he was out with 3 at-bats, he showed amazing fighting skills and was selected to walk to base.

Before this campaign, Wang Bairong had homered in 2 games in a row. Today, the second ham team played against the Yokohama DeNA second army. The king hit the 6th bat and defended left field. The center field fly ball was out, and the third hitter was on the 7th. Facing the pitcher Masaya Kyoyama, Wang Bairong fought 11 balls and got four bad walks. He played again on the 9th and hit the right field fly ball and was out. The final game was 1:2 lose.

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Wang Bairong scored a goalless draw with 3 hits today, and failed to start 3 consecutive games, but he was selected for 1 walk, and his batting average was 182% after the game. The king will stay in Ham this year as a bred player, and he will fight hard in July Before the 31st, you will have the opportunity to play in the first army if you become a subordinate player.

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