Kensuke Kondo.

(File photo, Reuters)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Kensuke Kondo, the Softbank Eagles, performed brilliantly in the classic match. During an interview today, he praised Shohei Otani's two-sword swordsmanship, "10 times better than expected."

Kondo Kensuke played 7 games in this classic game, with a total of 26 hits and 9 safes, including 1 home, contributed 5 RBIs, ran back 9 points, picked 8 walks, and hit .346/.500/.615 , made a great contribution to the Japanese team's championship, and the Japanese media "Sports Hochi" called him "the terrifying second fan."

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Kensuke Kondo and Shohei Otani used to be teammates in Nippon Ham, and he has seen the power of Otani's dual swordsmanship, but after Otani's baptism in the major leagues, his dual swordsmanship has evolved further. Two-handed performance.

Kondo Kensuke said directly: "Otani's shots are all exceptional. They are too powerful. Everyone has said that they are 10 times better than imagined. Some young players have never seen Otani when he was playing in Ham. Now they are witnessing the impact of the double knife style. .”

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