Zhang Yucheng.

(File photo, photo by reporter Liao Yaodong)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Taiwanese player Zhang Yucheng entered the opening season roster without even playing a warm-up match. The Korean media also paid attention, describing his career as full of "drama".

Zhang Yucheng, who was caught in the military service storm before the start of the game, contributed his long-hitting firepower in the classic game. He hit key home runs in both Italy and the Netherlands. At that time, he had attracted the attention of the Korean media. , and successfully squeezed into the opening season list, "OSEN" once again reported on it in a special article.

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Today, the media reported on the news that Zhang Yucheng entered the opening season roster under the title "Released Four Times → All-Stars of the Classic Game → Roster for the Opening Game, Taiwan Ronin's Dramatic MLB Survival". He was appointed to transfer and played for 4 teams. He declined to participate in the classic game in the offseason because he wanted to fight for the position in the major leagues.

Zhang Yucheng decided to participate in the classic game under the criticism of public opinion. Although he joined the national team late, he finally surrendered a batting average of 438 and 2 home scores. He was selected as the MVP of Group A and was the only team in the Players who were eliminated in the preliminaries but won the group MVP.

Zhang Yucheng, who was active in the classic game, did not report to the Red Sox until the 25th Taiwan time due to visa issues. However, due to the lack of decentralization and the ability to defend all four infield positions, he was finally included in the opening season roster. OSEN" pointed out that the Red Sox let Zhang Yucheng enter the roster without even playing a warm-up game, which is quite dramatic.

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